Member Services

The New York State Professional Fire Fighters Association is proud to provide the following services to our members.

Insurance Programs
Term Life
Whole Life

Consultation at No Cost to Members
Filing Accidental/Performance of Duty Application
Disability Retirement
§207-a Questions/Cases
Service Retirements
2% Foreign Insurance
Attorney General Opinions
Comptroller’s Opinions
Legal Updates
Legislative Retrieval System
(Update on Legislation)
OSHA Standards and Regulations
Municipal Fire Fighter Legislative Updates
Civil Service
New York State Police and Fire Pensions
Local Union Contracts (for comparison)
Health & Safety Press Releases
Codes and Enforcements
Fire Fighter and EMS
Public Employment Relations Board Decisions
Access and Assistance from our Public Relations Firm
Full-Time Registered Lobbyists

Representation on the Following Boards
EMS State Board
EMS Regional Boards
NYS Civil Service Board
NYS Hazzard Abatement Board
PERB Labor Management Board
NYS Comptroller’s Advisor Board
Fire Service Council of New York State

Database/Library Information
Attorney General Reports
Audit & Control Reports
Comptroller’s Reports
Health & Safety Video Library
Incident Recording System
Local Union Contracts
NFPA & OSHA Regulations
PERB Cases (Interest and Grievance)
Train the Trainer Conferences
Health & Safety Database

Labor Conference
Legislative Conference
NYSPFFA Convention
Public Relations/Media Conference
Health & Safety Training Conferences
(Statewide & Regional)

In the History of this Association, hundreds of pieces of Legislation have been Chaptered into Law. Here are some examples of  our legislative accomplishments:

  • General Municipal Law §207-a
  • 3/4 Disability
  • Taylor Law
  • Change in Accidental Disability Law
  • Performance of Duty
  • 384-E 1/60 after 20 years of service
  • Injunctive Relief
  • Right to Sue Due to Injury at the Workplace (Retroactive to 1987 and in some cases 1984)
  • Exemption against insurance claims on personal insurance while driving apparatus
  • Military Buy-back
  • COLA (Cost of Living)
  • Hepatitis, TB, AIDS Legislation
  • Political Action Contributions (PAC) to local and State Legislators
  • Heart Bill
  • Binding Arbitration
  • Widows 3% COLA
  • Retirement Supplementation
  • Agency Shop
  • Cancer Bill
  • Lung Bill