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Toxins in widespread use excluded from EPA chemical review.  See article below.

Fire Engineering Article regarding toxins being excluded from EPA review

For your convenience, we've posted the following presentations from our 2017 Healthy & Safety Conference

Presentation by Denise Smith - Understanding Cardiovascular Disease in the Fire Service

Presentation by Jason Emery - NFPA Gaseous Fuel Vehicle Safety Training Student Manual 1.0

Presentation by Jason Emery - NFPA HEV-EV Safety Training Student Manual 1.0

Below is a video from Fire Fighter Nation discussing Cincinnati Firefighters and their acquisition of Ballistic Vests

Cincinnati Firefighters Get Ballistic Vests - Fire Fighter Nation

Training Minutes: Down Firefighter Packaging and Removal.   Video compliments of Fire Engineering.  In this Training Minutes video Paul DeBartolomeo and company review some methods for packaging and removing a down firefighter in Mayday scenarios.

Study on the Effect of Heat Stress and Dehydration on Cardiovascular Function by Skidmore College. "In order to better understand factors that contribute to cardiovascular strain, we designed a study to investigate the twin challenges of heat stress and dehydration that firefighters face every time they don their gear and answer a call."

See the attached link to view and download.  DHS10-HS-DEH-CVE-fs-report

CrossFIRE is a partnership between the New York State Intelligence Center (NYSIC), the New York Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (DHSES) - Office of Fire Prevention & Control and Office of Counter Terrorism, and the Department of Health - Bureau of EMS to provide information and intelligence and enhance situational awareness amongst the first responder community across New York State. See below for weekly updates.

InfoGram 11.09.17

Watchline 11.09.17

NTAS Bulletin 11.09.17

Fentanyl Safety Recommendations for First Responders

ACID ATTACKS Potential Opportunistic Threat and Rapid Treatment Awareness

Rail Safety Awareness for First Responders

Chemical Splash Spray Attack 9.21.17


First Responders ToolboxCyber Threat Persistent Concern 7-2017



Below is a document about illegal fuel transportation which is a growing problem across many areas.

Illegal Fuel Memo from Miami-Dade

Below is recommendations on Selection and Use of Personal Protective Equipment and Decontamination Products for First Responders Against Exposure Hazards to Synthetic Opioids, Including Fentanyl and Fentanyl Analogues

First Responder PPE and Decontamination Recommendations fo Fentanyl

Training Announcement National Improvised Explosives Familiarization October 23, 2017 State Preparedness Training Center.  See below for additional information.

Training Announcement NIEF-Oct-23-17


Norfolk Southern Railroad Company Operations Awareness Training.  See below for information.

Norfolk Southern visits Binghamton with the mobile training facility

For your convenience, we've posted the following presentations from our 2016 Healthy & Safety Conference.

- Presentation from Dennis Costin, District Fire Chief, Boston

- Presentation from Ret. Deputy Fire Chief Anthony Avillo, North Hudson Fire & Rescue

- Presentation from Vic Massenkoff, Investigator, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District

- Presentation from Matt Stefanacci, Saratoga Springs IAFF Local #343

- Presentation from Jim Reidy, Lieutenant, San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association - Local 624


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